The one and only total

Evolve is designed to solve a very problematic device
by addressing a critical concern, infection control.

The CrystalGenics System

  • Evolve Air/Water Syringe

  • CrystalGenics Single-Use Tips

  • Evolve Autoclavable Sleeve

Integrated Cross-Infection Control

  • Ultra-Responsive Controls

    The CrystalGenics buttons provide extraordinary tactile feedback, allowing precise control for your desired mixture of air and water. You get the perfect spray of water or dry air every time.

  • Lightweight ErgoDesign

    Not only does CrystalGenics Evolve Syringe weigh substantially less, they require no additional wrapping or extra layers to clean. Simply remove and sterilize.

  • ProFlow Valve

    Built-in water flow control allows you to adjust water flow setting based on personal preferences.

  • Single-Use Air Water Tip System

    Crystalgenics is the only air water syringe system designed with a factory-installed disposable air water syringe tip retainer.

  • One Touch Safety

    Easily replace and sterilize syringe sleeves between patients with the push of a button.

  • Adaptable To Most Chair Systems

    CrystalGenics Evolve can be retrofitted to most dental chair units within minutes.

How it works

Available in two profiles

Angled Profile

Straight Profile

Adaptable To Chair Systems Worldwide

Upgrade current air water syringe to meet new health and safety protocols.

All chair manufacturers are registered trademarks of their respective companies and are in no way associated with CrystalGenics, Starz Westside Holdings, or any of it's affiliates.

World’s Leading Compostable Air Water Tips.

  • Made from 100% compostable materials

  • Made from 100% renewable resources

  • Made from 100% non-petroleum materials

  • Low carbon footprint

Available in two profiles

Angled Profile

Straight Profile

Available in two materials



Available in 10 designer colors

CrystalGenics Kits

See all
  • Evolve Intro Kit

    An ideal entry point for those wishing to try the CrystalGenics system on a single chair. Intro kit comes with 1 complete air water syringe, 1 replacement air water syringe sleeve, and 20 air water syringe tips.

  • Evolve Pro Syringe Kit

    The Evolve Pro Syringe Kit contains 5 CrystalGenics air water syringes offering the versatility, efficiency, compliance, and safety.

  • Evolve Pro Sleeve Kit

    The Pro Sleeve Kit contains 5 CrystalGenics air water syringe sleeves for those who decide to upgrade to the CrystalGenics air water syringe system.

  • Evolve Mega Kit

    The Evolve Mega Kit comes with 5 complete CrystalGenics air water syringes and 5 extra air water syringe sterilizable sleeves.

  • Evolve Mega Syringe Kit

    The Evolve Mega Syringe Kit comes with 10 complete air water syringes.

  • Evolve Mega Sleeve Kit

    The Evolve Mega Sleeve Kit comes with 10 CrystalGenics air/water syringe sterilizable sleeves.

  • CrystalGenics Tips

    The CrystalGenics Tip comes in packs of 480 single-use air water syringe tips or combo kits of 1440 tips. Air water syringe tips are available in two profiles, straight or angled, two materials, bio-resin or plastic resin. and ten designer colors.

Make the Switch

It’s time for change. Replace your air/water syringes with those that meet current guidelines & patient safety demands.

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