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Frequently Asked

We know that the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system is new for your dental office. Here are the most common questions we encounter and how to quickly resolve them.

  • Why should I switch to the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system?

    The CDC, ADA, FDA, and OSAP all recommend that handpieces attached to the air and waterlines need to be removed and heat-sterilized after each patient use. Most of the air/water syringes being sold in the USA, once installed, cannot be removed between patients. This means that dental offices are non-compliant with current leading health authorities' recommnendations for disease control and prevention. The air/water syringe, as defined by the CDC, is classified as a semi-critical device. As quoted from the CDC Basic Expectations for Safe Care 2021, "Because the majority of semi-critical items in dentistry are heat-tolerant, they also should be sterilized by using heat. If a semi-critical item is heat-sensitive, the DHCP should replace it with a heat-tolerant or disposable alternative." The air/water syringe is the only item, once installed, that is never removed from your delivery system. Every other handpiece attached to the delivery system is removed and heat-sterilize between patients. So why isn't the air/water syringe? Unlike your other handpieces, the air/water syringe is used on every patient for every procedure. Quick wipe downs with high-level disinfectants combined with barrier sheaths is not effective and does not sterilize the air/water syringe. We help to reduce liability and increase safety by making compliance easy. CrystalGenics gives you the ability to change sleeves between patients in seconds. Combined with a single-use tip, the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system is a total decontamination solution. By installing the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system, your office instantly becomes compliant with leading health authorities' recommendations. Please visit our Make The Switch page to learn more.

  • Will CrystalGenics work on my delivery system?

    The short answer is yes. If you are a dentist based in the USA, CrystalGenics has a standard air and water syringe barb hookup that makes switching quick and easy. If you are a dentist based outside of the USA, it will depend on your delivery system. If you are unsure, please go to our contact page and send us an email with a picture of your delivery system. Once we receive your email, we will confirm what is needed, if anything, to install the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system. To date, CrystalGenics has worked on every delivery system we have encountered.

  • Is it hard to install the CrystalGenics air/water syringe?

    If you are based in the USA, the installation will take a couple of minutes to complete. We have a quick tutorial on how to remove your existing air/water syringe and replace with your new CrystalGenics air/water syringe. If you click on our media library (located on this page), you will find a video tutorial on the steps to remove and replace your existing air/water syringe.

  • The water pressure is very strong. Is there a way to adjust the pressure?

    The ProFlow Valve inside the CrystalGenics syringe allows you to adjust the water flow rate within the air/water syringe. To do this, you will need to remove the CrystalGenics sleeve by pressing the One Touch Safety button and sliding the air/water syringe sleeve off the syringe body. The ProFlow Valve is the longest silver tube on top of the syringe body. Inside that tube is a dial that can be turned using a 1.5-2 mm flathead screwdriver. To decrease water flow, turn the dial clockwise. To increase the water flow, turn the dial counter-clockwise.

  • How do I determine how many CrystalGenics air/water syringe sleeves my office will need to order?

    There are a variety of ways to determine how many sleeves a dental office will need. This is based on how many delivery systems you have, how many patients you see, and the frequency of how often your office sterilizes. We have some offices that sterilizes equipment at lunch, at the end of the day or multiple times a day. All these factors play a part in the quantities of sleeves you will need. An office will need to calculate these numbers to determine the total of air/water syringe sleeves needed. If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out to a CrystalGenics rep for further assistance.